Quality Assurance and Testing

ResQTeam – A Quality Assurance System

“80% of defects exist in 20% of the modules, and 50% of the modules have no defects at all”

Good quality assurance is the lifeline of a healthy software development life cycle. The dynamics of quality management are well understood and appreciated by the industry today. For example, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) estimates that about 70% of software defects are introduced in the requirements phase. This fact highlights the need for a well-qualified quality assurance team, that brings not only thorough understanding of quality assurance methods and techniques, but also, experience to work closely with the business and it teams, and most importantly understand the impact of a change on the solution.

Ask us for a detailed explanation of our QA process (titled as ResQ). That process has been designed the most adaptive methodology to help deliver defect-free solutions.